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Spring Projects--yes I can!

This is a little nudge of encouragement to say, "Yes, I can!" this spring when you choose to

take on a new project. I'm writing this late at night swimming in a sea of ideas. I think the

creative energy has been stirred up because of my latest project with taking Roots Prenatal

Yoga to the next level. I'm currently working on creating a dedicated website for Roots Prenatal

Yoga. This means I have several choices to make such as do I the design the site myself or do I

pay somebody else to design? In my weighing the pros and cons of each and doing my

homework I found a few things to be useful to this process:

1. Defining the "why" of the project – this is listing the goal of what I want to achieve.

2. Listing out all the steps I feel the project will take.

3. Taking it one task at a time – a colleague recently shared that he dislikes using deadlines.

He doesn't assign them to himself; Instead, he just focuses on the next item of his To Do List

and puts his energy towards completing that item. Once completed he simply moves to the

next item of importance. This tip has helped me tremendously this past wee as a person

who dreams big, but sometimes has trouble putting 1 foot in front of the other when it comes

to completing projects. I'm not getting lost in deadlines and feeling badly as I have in the

past if I don't achieve. This feels like forward moving progress to me

4. Taking breaks – I find going outside and getting a fresh breath of air so beneficial. I set a

timer and stand and stretch every 20 minutes I work. This helps to get the blood flowing and

keeps me from suffering discomforts of sitting too long in front of a computer.

5. Phone a friend – I have a few "go to people" I can call up when I'm stuck, when I'm being too

hard on myself, when I need a little word of encouragement or when I need someone to

bounce ideas off of. It's immensely helpful when I surround myself with support.

I hope this is helpful to you as you take on your next project. What will you do with this one great