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Mindful Parenting

By Sandi Hoover, BSN, RYT500, PRYT

As I write our boys are wresting balloons while our toddler ‘organizes’ tea bags on the floor. In this moment our house might appear in chaos, but this is just how I like it. Each family member is engaged and in the moment. We hold space for each other to experience whatever emotions we need to. We prepare and eat our meals together as a family, spend time daily outdoors and read together often. We ask what our favorite parts of the day were. We make dates together-as a family, couple and with each of our children at home or out.

We have several common spaces in our home, but everyone knows they can go to their own rooms for privacy. We speak to each other lovingly and avoid reacting. Our family motto is: Kindness, Consideration, Respect. This way of parenting helps us live more simply and feel more connected to our kids, even amidst the chaos.

We believe so much in this style of parenting that I have incorporated it into a topic for my Roots Prenatal Yoga Classes and as part of the Couples Yoga for Birth Preparation workshops I lead. If you are looking for a great source on mindful parenting check out this article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jon-kabatzinn-phd/what-is-mindful-parenting_b_5945356.html 
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