Zachary Hoover

Massage Education

Private and Semi-private classes offered for:

  • Couples
  • Caregivers
  • Community Education: Family, friends, individuals
  • Aspiring Massage Therapists
  • Continuing Education for Licensed Professionals

All of the classes offered are designed to guide you through the benefits of massage and bodywork and teach you skills and techniques that can profoundly affect and improve your lives. These classes will also help increase your knowledge of the human body, how it moves and functions, ways to enhance your self care, and help problem solve when your body doesn't move and function as it should.  The classes are designed to be interactive and you are encouraged to actively participate.

Class Options

  • Private Instruction Classes for 1-2 people
  • Semi-private Instruction Classes for 4-6 people

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Class Objectives and What you can Expect

  • Develop meaningful and focused touch techniques
  • Learn subtle yet powerful techniques for pain relief and self-care
  • Learn techniques to lower stress and be more centered and grounded
  • Identify how stress affects your life and ways to decrease its impact
  • Identify how our habits affect our well being and ways to troubleshoot by assessing and improving posture, body mechanics, and reducing mind chatter
  • Learn self-care techniques

General Class Information

This class is led by instructor Zachary P. Hoover.  He began his massage career in 2002 and has maintained a thriving and successful private practice since that time.  Zachary was an instructor at the College of Massage and Healing Arts Center here in Des Moines(2003-2008) and has assisted other instructors in Continuing Education classes covering a variety of advanced techniques. He has consolidated his wealth of knowledge and experience to offer practical, relevant, and streamlined classes. Click here to contact Zachary with any questions. You may also call 515-202-2585.

Class Prices

Private Classes (2 hours) $175

1 person class (you bring someone to work with--75 minutes)
45 minutes of receiving from instructor

*4 classes for $640

Private Classes (2 hours)- $175

2 person class ($87.50 per person)

*4 classes for $640 ($320 per person)

Semi-private Classes (2 hours)- $320

4 person class ($80 per person)

*4 classes for $1200 ($300 per person)

Semi-private Classes (2 hours)- $450

6 person class ($75 per person) 

*4 classes for  $1650 ($275 per person)

*Gift Certificates Available for all pricing options.